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over the rainbow

Over the rainbow is the original collection that started it all. 

This first collection of gorgeous hair clips is what everything has begun with. The unique silhouette of The Bow is a reflection of artistic vision, luxury design approach, and exquisite taste. The Bow barrette is a result of countless work hours, a refusal to settle for anything average and a continuous strive for excellence.  Staying faithful to her vision and allowing the process to take the necessary time, the luxury accessories designer Ella Gorbo has given her statement on couture fashion with her handmade hair accessories. Although the Over The Rainbow collection is not the designer's first fashion testimony in the world of luxury accessories, it is her first-ever statement in the space of luxury hair accessories.  For the first variation of my luxury hair bow accessory, I wanted it to be detailed and glamorous, yet simple and universal at the same time. My goal was to create a hair clip that would feel relevant for any occasion, especially during the daytime. As a designer of luxury accessories, I feel like people often wait for a particular reason to accessorize their looks. And people certainly prefer to put more effort into their evening outfits than the daytime ones. I find it quite unfortunate. If details bring joy and help you express yourself, then there should be no rules. There should be no such thing as the time of the day an accessory would look appropriate, and you should never need any specific reason to wear it. It is about the freedom to be yourself, to love yourself, feel comfortable in your skin, and celebrate your beauty. Most women have a haircare routine that they have worked on and refined with time. We take so much time taking care of our hair; its health, colour, texture, volume, etc. I think this effort must be seen. So what would be a better way to celebrate the result of your effort than accessorizing your looks and putting attention on your beautiful hair? I want a hairstyle to be the highlight of an outfit. These gorgeous hair clips are meant to underline your beautiful hair and bring focus to it. The right colour of The Bow has the ability to not only compliment your hairstyle but highlight the texture of your hair and bring out its colour tone and glossiness. - Ella Gorbo Being an accessories designer driven by beauty and elegance, Ella has found her inspiration in the American actress and, later, the princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. The princess's natural femininity and grace instantly spoke to Ella. The designer quickly noticed how everything about Grace Kelly looked so well taken care of: her appearance, her body movement, her outfits, jewellery choice, hairstyles - everything was pushed to perfection. The thing that caught the designer’s attention the most was how effortlessly this perfection looked. Nothing seemed forced, yet you could tell how much attention was put into it. Ella applied this approach to the design of her bow barrettes, striving only for excellence. Mediocrity was never an option. Everything from the materials' quality to the design's execution is taken with impeccable care and attention. Yet the final elegance and chic of The Bow look natural and effortless. The designer believes that a woman is a work of art; therefore, the accessory she wears should be nothing less than that.  The designer's styling notes for Over The Rainbow bow hair clips: As Over The Rainbow was the first collection I developed, I always suggest my new customers start with the bow clips from this collection. They are a perfect introduction to the brand. This collection of hair barrettes does not limit you to anything specific regarding the time of the day or occasion. You can wear any of these gorgeous hair clips whenever you like. So, since these are by far the most minimalistic hair accessories I have designed, casual day looks are the perfect match. The first look that comes to mind is a modernized iconic combo from the late 80s, jeans and a white shirt. You can pick any Over The Rainbow bow that would look so stylish! You can match it with your shoes or put on trainers and match the bow with your bag. This hair accessory would make an exquisite final touch to this classic look.  I also imagine one of the bows with a day dress, ideal for brunch with your girlfriends. In this case, the bow clip would add the touch of femininity, setting off the look! Style it with a pair of flat sandals and a cute little purse, and you have the perfect summer outfit! One of my favourites, a simple yet playful look I wear on repeat, is denim shorts and a white-tee or a crop top combo. It is a very youthful outfit, and I believe The Bow adds a note of sophistication and mature elegance that perfectly balances out the look. For this outfit, I like to choose a hair accessory of bright colour to make a contrast and bring focus to my hairstyle. 

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