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shine on

Shine On is the collection of luxury hair clips that followed the Over The Rainbow collection.

Realizing that The Bow had become more than just a hair accessory, that this handmade work of art was now an equivalent of a jewellery piece for hair, the French designer Ella Gorbo decided to elevate her masterpiece.  "After receiving the feedback from my customers about The Bow, I was happy to see that they shared the same appreciation for detailed work, exquisite elegance and impressive quality that went into my luxury hair accessories. More and more, I began to hear that my luxury hair clips have more in common with jewellery than any other hair accessories in the world of luxury fashion. Hearing this motivated me to step further into developing a hair piece that would truly accessorize a hairstyle the way only hair jewellery would." - Ella Gorbo. The designer began thinking about her new inspiration, jewellery. She wanted to capture the most attractive and alluring factor that brings people's attention and make them desire fine jewellery of any kind. It was then that Ella realized that one of the most attractive elements in jewelry was the twinkle of gemstones. The reflection of light in diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and other precious stones was perhaps the most captivating element in any piece of jewelry.  "All my designer work comes from creative inspiration, research, and continuous thinking. I believe together these three factors make a complete circle. The last helps me to narrate my work: my thinking process guides me and often leads me to solutions that complete my creative tasks."  While the accessories designer did not want to make her luxury hair barrettes too inaccessible, Ella wanted to capture the luxurious element she was now so focused on.  "Interestingly enough, right then, I came across an interview with Madonna where the pop diva was sharing some of the secrets behind music video-making scenes. The singer was talking about the production of the video for her song Hollywood. Watching that video, the first thing that captured my attention was the amount of shining jewelry on Madonna. While those pieces looked impressive and luxurious, ironically, none of them was real. The legendary singer explained that the budget for fine jewelry was never an issue. The real reason why Madonna wore fake diamonds instead of the real ones was simply that the crystals shined brighter than any precious stones. That fact struck me." - Ella Gorbo. After coming across this interesting note, the designer quickly saw how she could bring the desirable element of fine jewellery into her luxury hair accessories without putting the diamond price on them. As Ella had always strived for the finest, the choice to use Swarovski crystals for her hair bows came naturally.  "When it comes to the quality of The Bow hair barrettes, there are no elements that could be compromised. Therefore, it was obvious that if I used crystals for my designer hair accessories, they would only be the ones of the highest quality. Today, I can happily say that Swarovski was a great choice, and it never disappointed." Once the brand released the first collection of hair bows for “Shine on”, it was impressive to see the effect the Swarovski crystals had on the colourful silk of these luxury hair accessories. With every movement of the hair clip, the Swarovski crystals would shine, reflecting the sunbeams from various angles. This playful and chic elegance that comes from the light reflection is truly mesmerizing.  The designer's styling notes for Over The Rainbow bow hair clips: The good thing about fine jewelry is that you can wear it any time of the day. Elegant necklaces, rings, and bracelets are just as appropriate during the day as in the evening. However, extravagant pieces are more suitable for evening events and special occasions.  Following the same approach, you have a variety of luxury hair claws with different types of Swarovski crystals ornament, which allows you to choose based on a situation. So if you want to add a statement piece to your daily looks, such as blue jeans, a t-shirt, and an oversized blazer, the bows with white Swarovski crystals would be a perfect match! Your look will stay fresh and modern yet luxurious and chic. Often, I choose a bow of a contrasting colour to bring some character to my outfit. Now, if you want to compliment your elegant evening dress, I suggest choosing a hair claw with Swarovski stones in matching colour. I find these bows so ever delicate; something that would highlight your chic look yet keep the focus on your gown. When it comes to colourful bows, I personally love to match a bow with the colour of my evening dress. As for the black bow from the Shine On collection, I believe it is an excellent match to a dress of any colour! 

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