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midnight magic

Midnight Magic is a collection that includes luxury hair pieces from both the Over the Rainbow and Shine On collections. 

This collection of high-end hair accessories is focused on elevated black bow clips, designed with new decorative elements, such as polka-dot tule, silk feathers, and new Swarovski-crystal patterns. Inspired by evening events and specially created for those glamorous occasions, each bow barrette from the Midnight Magic collection pleases with undeniable, chic elegance.  “Midnight Magic is perhaps the most specific and narrowed of all my collections. Although I usually base my design work on several sources of inspiration, this time, I focussed on one specific thing. I am in love with the nightlife of Monaco; the glam, the music, the unique atmosphere, which feels like a never-ending celebration of life and beauty. However, there is another city that hypnotizes me, especially when the sun goes down. That city is Paris. It is, indeed, a strong contrast to the colourful mood of Monaco. The suspended cigarette smoke coming from those very French outside cafes, the elegant coldness in the air, and the often cloudy sky create a nostalgic atmosphere, which is ever so elegant and chic. The entire city has its fashionable image, which consists of all those details. You can tell that luxury fashion is not a matter of special occasion here; it is an essential part of the culture. Undoubtedly, the nightlife of Paris has a refined touch. These evenings remind me of movie scenes; sophisticated yet extravagant, they are full of style. Everything around you speaks of highest standards, luxury, and status, yet there is a certain note of classy carelessness in the air.” - Ella Gorbo The black bows from the Midnight Magic collection reflect the designer’s look at Parisian style and her impression of this city’s nightlife. These luxury hair accessories in black were designed to be dramatic, confident, and elegant . They are also meant to compliment the unapologetic mood and exquisite taste of Parisian women.  “Going out in Paris, visiting their famous restaurants and jazz bars, I could not help but study the style of Parisian fashionistas. I could sense confidence reflected in their unique and daring style, their strong yet tasteful perfume and the way they carry themselves.  I designed The Bow in the shape of a butterfly to celebrate freedom, and I can gladly say that Parisian women have a lot of it. Especially when it comes to fashion, Parisians are not restricted to the old-fashioned society rules of dressing. You often spot a lady wearing blue jeans and flats in a 5-star restaurant. Chic with her Hermes Birkin bag and classy in her tweed Chanel jacket, she is also comfortable in her blue jeans from Zara. I find this contrasting look to be glamorously daring. It is indeed a very popular modern style that the Parisians refined to the point of excellence. This trendy combination of high-end chic and comfort perfectly translates the purpose of my French hair accessories. The Bow is a handmade luxury hair accessory, a statement piece that you are free to wear with either a couture gown or jeans! With its elevated design and delicate silhouette, each bow clip is equally suitable for both styles.” - Ella Gorbo Although any fashion accessory is firstly meant to compliment the clothes, The Bow barrettes from the Midnight Magic collection were designed to empower the state of mind. The design of these luxury black bows was inspired by the attitude of Parisian women and their approach to evening fashion. Chic black fabrics such as silk and rich velvet represent the splendour of Paris at night, the city's famous restaurants, luxury hotels, and elegant bars. The new Swarovski crystal patterns were inspired by the shining light coming from French boutiques' windows and fashion houses at night. The new decorative elements, such as silk feathers and polka-dot tule, represent the style diversity of Parisian women. From elegantly modest to unapologetically daring and from typically classy to surprisingly modern, The Bow is meant to represent and celebrate each woman.  The designer's styling notes for Midnight Magic bow hair clips: Although the Midnight Magic collection was inspired by the nightlife in Paris and Parisian women's evening looks, I cannot help but see how well my customers style these black bow barrettes with their everyday looks.  Personally, I suggest wearing the black bows with something glamorous and extravagant; such as a statement The Attico mini dress styled with a pair of Amina Muaddi pumps and Balenciaga Hourglass mini bag or a moderate outfit, like an elegant black Celine suit and Saint Laurent high heels. However, I must admit that these black bow barrettes also look incredibly well with minimalistic daytime looks, such as a pair of The Row beige pants and a black Tom Ford sleeveless turtleneck styled with Chanel's signature two-tone ballerinas. 

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