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Luxury hair accessories and luxury home decor designed by Ella Gorbo

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ELLA GORBO MONACO Ella Gorbo is a Monaco-based designer who dedicates her work to various luxury accessories. Gaining her experience in embroidery design and bespoke fashion, Ella had chosen to give her full attention to couture accessories. Shortly, the designer had the pleasure of collaborating with Modern Latvian Ballet on the design of embellished belts and tiaras for one of their performance. This experience motivated Ella to extend her work into developing the design of her own unique accessory and creating her first brand of luxury hair accessories, The Bow by Ella Gorbo. Proudly representing the city she lives in, Ella references Monaco's vibrant aesthetics and glamorous life in all of her work. The designer often explains how certain elements of her accessories came out following her vision of Monaco. "Beauty should never fade away." With this belief in her heart, Ella Gorbo created her company. Named after its founder and creative director, Ella Gorbo Monaco is dedicated to captivating accessories. Today, this Monaco-based company presents two luxury brands: luxury handmade hair accessories, The Bow, and luxury handmade artificial bouquets for home and outside decor Les Fleurs.  “All my life, I have been focusing on seeing the beauty around me. Searching for the source of my inspiration, I realized that a beautiful image we see always consists of many details. It is the details that create a fairytale.  Once I understood this, I focused on the smallest elements and found my passion in accessories. For me, aesthetic pleasure comes from two places; how you see and feel yourself in a moment and what you observe around you. Therefore, creating luxury hair accessories for women was equally exciting for me as launching a brand of handmade artificial flowers later. The Bow is meant to highlight your natural beauty and make you feel irresistible, while Les Fleurs is intended to celebrate the beauty that nature gives us without harming it. The bouquets compliment your interior and bring you aesthetic pleasure without leaving any sadness behind. - Ella Gorbo

The Bow The Bow by Ella Gorbo is a luxury hair accessories brand based on the original patented silhouette of a bow designed by Ella. Working with the most skillful and experienced artisans, the designer devoted years to developing the unique shape of The Bow, which was soon patented. Perfecting this accessory regardless of commercial time frames was the priority of the creative process. The goal was to visualize the excellence of hard work, attention, and dedication in a hair barrette that can be fairly called a work of art. Although the aim of this passionate, hard work was to create the design as closest to flawless as possible, Ella also wanted to underline the perfection of imperfection. “Unfortunately, today, the meaning of the word “luxury” is fading away. It seems like the prices indicate the prestige of an item rather than the way it was made. My favorite fashion week has always been Couture Week. I admire the strict rules of creating everything by hand; working on the most complicated details, and realizing the most complex designs. With that said, I have never doubted that my hair accessories would be handmade. If I call my hair barrettes luxury, that has to reflect on their quality and the process of how it was created. Just like the final accessory itself, I also find the process of making it art. There is no place for mass production. However, when it comes to handmade designs, you have to consider the individuality of each accessory. Every hair bow is unique; this is what I call the perfection of imperfection. You have to allow a bit of freedom when it comes to art. Proudly created by hands and carrying the unique shape of The Bow, each hair barrette is slightly different in its form, color tone, or pattern of Swarovski crystals. This fact never takes away from the beauty and quality of my hair accessories, as each bow goes through quality control. But what a great reminder of uniqueness and individuality it is!” - Ella Gorbo The uniqueness of The Bow barrettes is meant to compliment the individuality of every woman who wears this luxury hair accessory. The brand’s focus lies in the different personalities of women, complimenting qualities such as elegance, femininity, confidence, creativity, and, most importantly, grace. Ella describes a woman as a work of art that can never be repeated. Being inspired by women of all ages and nationalities, the designer chose a shape of a butterfly for her hair accessory. This shape signifies a woman’s freedom to be who she wants and look how she likes, the freedom every woman must have. Designed in various colors and adorned by many decorative elements, such as Swarovski crystals, silk feathers, and pearls, this luxury hair accessory is purposed to elevate different hairstyles, from ponytails and hair buns to loose hair and braids. The wide variety of colors makes this hair accessory a beautiful match to any hair color. Any shade of brunette, blonde, or ginger can be complemented by one of The Bow barrettes.

Les Fleurs Les Fleurs by Ella Gorbo offers a wide selection of luxury artificial bouquets for decor. These handmade flowers were designed to bring you the aesthetic pleasure of natural flowers. This elegant alternative is an excellent solution for those who cherish the beauty of flowers yet do not want to cause any harm to nature.  Appreciating the beauty and freedom of our nature, Les Fleurs aims to respect the Earth and protect natural flowers from cruel commercial overuse. These handmade artificial bouquets present a harmless solution for much more environment-friendly and permanent home decor accessories.  The signature coating of Les Fleurs protects these luxury decorative flowers from sunburn and water exposure. It also ensures easy maintenance of the bouquets. Thanks to this secret protective formula, you may not only use Les Fleurs artificial flowers to freshen up your home decor but also make these bouquets a decorative element to your outside terraces, yachts, and many other weather-dependent places. "Focussing on details that create beauty all my life, I could not help but set my eyes on flowers. Undeniably, natural flowers are one of the greatest inspirations for my work. If you are familiar with my luxury hair accessories brand, The Bow, you can easily see the reference to various flowers I put in the embroidery patterns, colors, and even names.  Les Fleurs De Printemps Bow is embellished with hand embroidery and Swarovski pearls in the pattern of a white bell. Jardin Bleu Bow is decorated with handmade embroidery and yellow Swarovski crystals in the floral design of chamomile. Unapologetic Bow is adorned with handmade embroidery in a floral pattern of roses.  I addressed my floral references even further by designing a collection of luxury bridal hair accessories. After developing additional floral embroidery techniques, I discovered many more fine decorative floral elements. This time I used a lot of silk floral appliqué in various patterns and flower kinds. Every hair barrette from my The Bow Grande bridal accessories collection has a floral decorative element, from embroidery to appliqué of different sorts. My The Bow Signature bridal collection has even more direct floral references. While I imagined different brides, their styles, and the essential accessories of the wedding day, I could not help but think of bridal bouquets. Instantly, this became one of my main inspirations for this barrettes collection. White Garden Bow and Pink Garden Bow became my first bridal bouquet-inspired designs. Shortly after, I designed the most direct visualization of my inspiration, Bridal Bouquets Bow, which I decided to name accordingly.  Considering how much inspiration flowers have brought into my design work, I felt it was my turn to give back. I could not think of a better expression of gratitude than creating something that, at the same time, would celebrate the beauty of natural flowers but also protect it! The flowers' beauty has always mesmerized me; they are so pure, captivating, and innocent. However, it has also always made me sad. Looking at a beautiful bouquet, I remember thinking how the destiny of a flower captured in a vase goes against my belief that beauty should never fade away. Once a flower is picked, its fate is already predicted. Hour by hour, the freshness and energy will leave this gift of nature. It is such a sad thing to witness the beauty fading away in a matter of just a few days. I wanted to prevent this. Devoted to my mission, I created the brand of luxury artificial flowers for home and outside decor Les Fleurs. Using only the highest quality silks, I design handmade bouquets that celebrate the beauty of natural flowers. The purpose of Les Fleur's bouquets is to keep on bringing you joy without any sadness for many years to come! 

Discover luxury hair accessories: bow barrettes designed by Ella Gorbo

Discover luxury home decor: artificial flowers designed by Ella Gorbo

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