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The beauty of an elegant woman shines forever.

From its origins in the 1700s, the humble bow has transcended time and trends. Inspired by its rich heritage, designer Ella Gorbo has transformed a bow from a simple accessory into a true icon of design, and a unique luxury hair accessory. The Bow by Ella Gorbo represents a fresh chapter in its colourful history.


Worn around the world by women who know their own style and live in the moment with purpose and gratitude, The Bow is a proud symbol of grace and elegance. Every piece is lovingly created and crafted to highlight an individual’s joie de vivre. If you wear a bow, it must be The Bow by Ella Gorbo.


The Bow is born from the belief that refined beauty takes hard work, passion, and attention to detail. There are no shortcuts to perfection.

The patented silhouette of The Bow by Ella Gorbo took years to develop and refine. The secrets of its design are kept close to the hearts of the skilled artisans, who handmake each individual bow in Monaco, a place known for regal majesty and valuing quality in every aspect of life.

Featuring a French barrette clip, each bow is crafted using the highest quality materials and intricate details. With materials ranging from sumptuously coloured silks to delicate feathers and sparkling, hand-selected, individually applied Swarovski crystals, every bow is a handcrafted work of art.


Ever since she was a little girl, designer Ella Gorbo has been captivated by the power of grace.


A born creative, romantic, and style visionary, Ella channelled her imagination and skill in embroidery into creating bespoke couture accessories for private clients—she once created spectacular belts and tiaras for the Modern Latvian Ballet company.


Working among fellow artists, performers, and virtuosos was a source of inspiration for Ella, who shared their unconditional devotion to excellence. This highlighted her appreciation for detail and sparked her desire to create something uniquely beautiful and truly unforgettable.


As a devotee of the classic bow silhouette and the power of elevating one’s style with sophisticated touches, she saw a kindred spirit in her style muse, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.

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