As a little girl growing up, Ella had always been intrigued by the power of grace.  From an early age, she saw the undeniable beauty that an elegant woman shines on the world.


It was then when Ella discovered the very feminine yet royally confident style of Grace Kelly.  Admiring the princess’s of Monaco fashion for many years, it later became one of the deepest sources of inspiration for Ella.


She decided to create an accessory that would satisfy any royal desire for beauty, details, and quality. Her goal was to create a piece of luxury that would compliment a woman with the most selective taste and standards.


Patiently, the designer spent years perfecting her work of art. Knowing that behind an effortlessly looking beauty lay hard work and effort, Ella Gorbo made sure that each of her bow barrettes was handmade by the most skilled craftsmen who work hand in hand with Ella.


Moving to Monaco and embracing the colorful landscape of the city, the designer reflected this aesthetic in her work. Finding a perfect balance between elegant minimalism inspired by Grace Kelly and vibrant colors brought by Monaco, Ella created The Bow By Ella Gorbo.


Today The Bow By Ella Gorbo is a proud representation of skilled craftsmanship, attention to every detail, and passion for beauty. With the finest materials and rich colors, each bow barrette is created to emphasize a woman’s grace and highlight her inner royalty.

The Bow Ella Gorbo.png