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Collection of Luxury Hair Bow Accessories

""We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle."

/Marilyn Monroe/


Embroidered silk delicately adorned with Swarovski crystals for an unforgettable sparkle.

Swarovski and cocktail bow hair accessories  

bridal bow hair accessories

evening hair bow accessories

chic hair bow accessories  

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the story of
the bow by ella gorbo

the everyday hair bow accessories

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The patented silhouette of The Bow was designed in the shape of a butterfly to represent the freedom and movement of your style and aesthetic. This high-quality hair clip signifies your inner beauty and cultivates your natural grace, celebrating Ella Gorbo’s belief that true beauty never fades away.   This luxury hair accessory made in France is presented in the most captivating colors and splendid materials, such as silk, velvet, and signature metallic blend, an elegant completion to your look for any occasion. Simplicity, grace, style, and royalty are the core inspiration elements behind the Over The Rainbow collection.  Every bow from the Over The Rainbow collection was designed to match your look, regardless of the occasion.  “I find the Over The Rainbow collection a great introduction to the brand. For first-time customers, I suggest beginning The Bow journey with one of our plain silk bows. What I love the most about this collection is its universality. These luxury hair clips are so easy to match with different styles. The bow you wear with an evening dress can be easily styled with jeans and a t-shirt.” - Ella Gorbo.

La Fantaisie front.webp

The signature silhouette of The The Bow with its delicate and rich color silks, this time adorned with Swarovski crystals for a splash of extra glamour. This unique designer piece is destined to hold a special place among your hair accessories. In the best traditions of true luxury, each Swarovski crystal is hand-selected by The Bow artisans and applied individually. Every bow from the Shine On collection is presented in two variations - decorated with Swarovski white stones and decorated with Swarovski stones of matching color. Reflecting light and shining like a star, this handmade hair accessory is an irresistibly glamorous work of art. “Determined to create an accessory that would shine and reflect light like a dreamy piece of jewellery, I became inspired by Swarovski crystals. With their beautiful shining and various colors, I knew this was a match made in heaven. It is such an enrapturing thing to watch the sunbeam falling on the crystals and see its reflection shining bright, like a star.” - Ella Gorbo.

Moonlight Touch front.webp

With hypnotizing black silk and velvet, Swarovski crystals, polka dot tulles, and feathers, the Midnight Magic collection was created to visualize the memories and feelings of the most unforgettable nights. From sophisticated simplicity to show-stealing extravaganza, these romantic luxury accessories in black are destined to accompany you to your special occasions and evening events. "Living in Monaco, the city's evening lights, shining crystals of chandeliers, and fairytale-like glamour anywhere you look are a regular part of your life. There is true magic in these nights; you see and feel it in the interior of Monte Carlo, live jazz at the city's most famous restaurants, but most importantly - in the unforgettable gowns of the ladies of Monaco, who I find to be my muses. The elevated approach to special occasions and events in Monaco inspired me to create not just a luxury accessory but a piece that would fully translate the feeling you experience being a part of this movie-like scene." - Ella Gorbo.

Unapologetic front.webp

Celebrating eternal beauty and valuing the smallest details, the Couture Creations collection is all about extravagance and the unforgettable impression this luxury hair accessory "made in France" will leave on you and everyone around. Unique materials, exceptional prints, handmade embroidery, and exclusive designs are the epicenter of this collection.  “Coming from a country with quite a conservative lifestyle, it always stroked me how women sometimes feel discouraged to put an extra effort into their appearance. I remember, when it came to dressing for an evening out, my friends often referred to me as “the one who goes the extra mile.” I always found these unspoken societal limits very unfortunate. With this being said, I felt truly at home when I moved to Monaco. The freedom of self-expression when it comes to fashion is essential to me. In this freedom, I source inspiration. Beauty knows no limit, and so as The Bow. This is why I created the Couture Creations collection, where each Bow is complimented with extravagant design details. From precise handmade embroidery of gentle Jardin De Rose to extravagant silk feathers of Black Swan. The Bow is a definition of a luxury hair accessory, and the Couture Creations collection is my artistic celebration of that.” - Ella Gorbo.