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Luxury bridal hair accessories: Wedding hair pieces

the bridal white hair bow

The Bow Bridal presents two bridal collections, each bringing a selection of couture bridal hair accessories to complete your look on one of the most memorable days of your life. Exclusive hand embroidery and irresistible designs are created to highlight your beauty and the significance of your wedding day. "The Bridal collections are dear to my heart because I believe true love will set you free. The signature silhouette of The Bow was designed in the shape of a butterfly; it represents the movement and freedom of the one who is wearing it. Cherishing the joy of being free to fall in love and the freedom that love brings you, I could not help but unite these beliefs and realize my thoughts in art. I see a wedding ceremony as a magical moment, memories of which will forever remain in one's heart. The event has such a beautiful and deep meaning; it represents commitment, trust, hope, and aspiration for a bright future full of love and harmony. I knew the accessories I would create for this occasion must reflect the bride's feelings in that magical moment. I believe beauty makes you feel things you cannot describe in words. So my main goal in designing The Bridal Collection was to create hair accessories so beautiful that the bride can see all the unforgettable emotions she is experiencing reflected in The Bow. Love, beauty, freedom, and endless dreams - this is what this bridal handmade hair accessories collection is truly about." - Ella Gorbo Every bride has her unique style. Like finding the perfect wedding dress, there should be the perfect bridal hair accessory that would not only complete the dress but meet the bride’s every aesthetic wish. Inspired by the belief that details have the power to reshape the bigger image entirely, The Bridal Collection introduces the limitless transformation of one silhouette.  “Launching The Bow, a single design-based brand, I have often been asked questions about how I would keep my customers excited with only one type of hair accessory. However, that has never been my concern. Paying attention to the smallest details, I have always been aware of how one small thing can affect the final result. The accessory changes; its design depends on the color, fabric, print, and materials. This is why I find The Bow silhouette so universal: the details will dictate the final look and the style purpose of the accessory. The details help you decide whether you would wear The Bow to a brunch or a late evening gala. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to experiment even further…” - Ella Gorbo. Staying faithful to its signature silhouette, The Bow by Ella Gorbo presents two kinds of bridal hair accessory categories; The Wedding Bow Grande and The Wedding Bow Signature.


The Bow Grand collection is an extravagant version of the beloved bow silhouette. Its scaled size is meant to steal the show and create the most confident bridal look. A unique alternative to a traditional wedding veil or a stylish addition, The Bow Grand presents daring designs full of character. Each of these couture creations has its own personality and tells a different story. From the gentle and romantic Sweeter Than A Dreamy Kiss to the chic and elegant Sweeter Than A Kiss, and last but not least, to the daring and extravagant Adore you, The Bow Grand is miscellaneous and statemental. “The enlarged size of The Bow Grande has given me a lot of space for creativity; it has allowed me to work with various fabric manipulations and new decorative elements. The Bow Grand size has certainly brought new details to The Bow, such as Swarovski pearls, Silk floral appliqué, and sequins embroidery. I have also enjoyed working with unique fabrics, such as floral-pattern transparent layered silk and Swarovski crystals adorned mesh. Designing The Bow Grande, I wanted each of these extravagant bridal barrettes to differ from one another. My goal was to be able to see the diversity of the brides that would wear The Bow each time I looked at the final piece. Designing The Bow, I imagined a bride with her style, character, and aesthetics. I imagined her daily looks along with her personality. These imaginary muses helped me dive deeper into my imagination and explore various design ideas. It is hard to imagine the bride who chose Sweeter Than A Dreamy Kiss to accompany her dress wearing Adore You. These two bridal bows are just so different. And that is the beauty of this collection; The Bow you choose is meant to highlight your personality and help you to express yourself!” - Ella Gorbo.


The Bow Signature collection is a celebration of details and Ella’s artistic statement that showcases how the smallest elements can evolve and reshape the outcome of a singular design. This bridal collection is implemented in The Bow signature size and contains various new couture designs exclusive to the bridal edition.  “The Bow Signature collection holds a special place in my heart. Here I continued the discussion about a single-product-based brand. I was able to realize and support my vision and prove my belief in a new way. These couture bridal hair accessories demonstrate the magic of transformation. Creating my brand, I prioritized exceptional quality and precise attention over speed and mass production. This approach has taught me to view details in a different light; I have learned to appreciate the input and value of each element. During this process, I have also discovered the beauty of imperfection. Perfect imperfection is a handmade work of art executed with the most devoted attention. Like a fingerprint or a beautiful snowflake, it is never identical.” - Ella Gorbo. Each The Bow Signature bridal barrette is unique with the brand’s traditional approach to beautiful imperfection, followed by the beauty of transformation performed with exclusive bridal design elements. Classic and feminine or stylish and confident - you choose where the details take you!

A little bit of magic on your special day,
Ella Gorbo. xx

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