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Couture Creations

Couture Creations is the collection that was released shortly after the Midnight Magic collection

Unlike Over The Rainbow or Shine On, the luxury bows from this collection are adorned with handmade embroidery and are often designed with unique fabrics and decorative elements. 

The inspiration behind these glamorous luxury hair accessories was a number of famous actresses from classic Hollywood cinema and fashion icons of that time. This topic resulted in a permanent collection of diverse bows. Each unique design and pronounced style reflect Ella Gorbo’s vision of Hollywood muses.  “Creating new luxury hair pieces, I always think about how all my hair accessories are designed in one shape. However, different details make each hair bow stand out differently. In a way, it reminds me of a woman; we all walk in a female body, yet our character, beliefs, values, personal style, and many other characteristics are what make us all unique. When I focused on the diversity of female personalities, I could not help but think of the iconic Hollywood actresses of the Golden Age. These women had such unique personas; their body language, manner of speech, fashion, and hairstyles were one of many things that made them so authentic.” - Ella Gorbo. The French designer wanted to dive into these personalities and reflect each in the design of her luxury hair accessories. With versatile fashion and different hairstyles, Ella wanted to create unique hair pieces that would celebrate it all!  Greta Garbo was so ever charming in her elegant melancholia; there was a certain style in her somber persona. Her character is reflected in Le Voile Noire, a plain black bow wrapped in polka dot tulle. This luxury hair piece is a sophisticated accessory with a note of mature elegance. Marlene Dietrich impressed Ella with her empowering attitude and seductive extravagance. Dietrich’s unapologetically confident glamour inspired the Black Swan bow, a statement hair barrette that steals the show and brings the necessary drama to a hairstyle. Jean Harlow with her soft femininity and sweetness in her appearance. Her delightful image inspired Ella to create Jardin De Rose and La Belle Epoque. Feminine and romantic, these delicate hair barrettes in rose pink are adorned with intricate, handmade, floral embroidery.  Ginger Rogers shined with refined elegance, elevated style and never-missing fashion. La Liberte bow is the designer's tribute to the iconic actress and her unforgettable dress collection. Designed in the fabric of a unique blend, this luxury hair bow in cream colour is a timeless hair accessory that would never go out of style. Rita Hayworth with her attractive smile, beautiful brown hair, and tasteful sexuality. While imagining Hayworth's strong yet light personality, Ella Gorbo created two luxury hair accessories to celebrate the actress; the bow Leo to represent the fire and fierceness in her eyes every time Hayworth smiled, and Golden Star bow to point out how natural and effortless her charisma was.  Katharine Hepburn had a masculine yet so ever attractive and distinguished style. The French accessory designer wanted to create a hair clip with a specific style and aesthetic. This is how the Unapologetic bow was created. A luxury hair clip in white with handmade black floral embroidery and Swarovski pearls is hard to compare with any other hair piece. And, of course, Ella's personal muse and greatest inspiration - Grace Kelly, the respect to whom the French designer has spoken in numerous interviews. The bow La Liberte was created to highlight the princess's delicate elegance, while Irreplaceable You is Ella's tribute to Grace Kelly's royal appearance and natural grace. And finally, the bow Irreplaceable - one of the most extravagant hair accessories created by Ella. This bow salutes the glamour and chic of Grace Kelly's years as a famous Hollywood actress.  "Getting inspired by the iconic women of Hollywood and their diversified rich personalities, I could not help but imagine my dear girlfriends. Their strive in life and unique characters have always inspired me. It so happened that some of my closest girlfriends also work in the fashion industry. Fashion design, modelling, styling, and publishing, I see these empowering women as a modern representation of the iconic muses of Hollywood cinema." - Ella Gorbo.  The designer's styling notes for Couture Creations bow hair clips: As Couture Creations is the most diversified collection of all, there are no rules on what kind of outfits these luxury hair accessories could be styled with.  I love creating unpredictable contrasts: The softly romantic La Belle Epoque would go great with a Dion Lee bodycon dress and a pair of Tom Ford Pavlos shades. The modest and sophisticated bow Le Voile Noire would look great with a mini denim skirt, black cropped top and The Attico black Venus pumps.  The most dramatic out of this collection hair clip, Black Swan, would go incredibly well with wide black trousers, a corset-style top, a masculine oversized blazer and a pair of black Saint Laurent heels.  The ideas for contrasting looks or matching combinations with my luxury hair accessories for women with style can go on endlessly! 

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