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The story of The Bow

by Ella Gorbo

"Creating The Bow, I wanted to help women of any age and nationality feel their femininity and see their beauty, which should never fade away. I see beauty as a state of mind that seeks to be reflected and manifested and finds itself in small details. 
The Bow is a piece of jewellery, a luxury hair accessory that holds a particular value. It goes far beyond a hair accessory. I designed The Bow in the shape of a butterfly to symbolize freedom and movement! There is a deep meaning in owning it." - Ella Gorbo.

Colourful Bows.webp
Colourful Bows.webp

Designed and

made in Monaco

Inspired by the vibrant colors of Monaco and

its exquisite, incomparable energy,  The Bow

is a devoted creation of elegance,

confidence, and royal aesthetics. This hair accessory is a true reflection of Monaco,
from its delightful landscape and

astonishing architecture to the luxuriant,

fairytale-like lifestyle.

Over The Rainbow.webp

Patented Silhouette

The Bow is a true devotion to excellence.

With the greatest passion and love at heart,

The Bow by Ella Gorbo kept on patiently

refining its signature silhouette. After years

of  exceptional attention to every detail,

a secret technique was developed, and the

unique patented shape of The Bow was

born. This modernly refreshed form of the

significant accessory is exclusive to

The Bow by Ella Gorbo.

Over The Rainbow.webp
Yellow Bow.webp
Yellow Bow.webp

Handmade work of art

Representing the true meaning of luxury,

The Bow is a handmade creation of love.
Entrusting the most skillful and

artisans, The Bow by Ella Gorbo proudly
presents an entirely handmade accessory.

From the shape construction to the
realization of our most 
exquisite designs:

everything is carefully handled by the
precise hands of talented 

Rainbow Bow.webp

Swarovski crystals

Every Swarovski crystal is handpicked and

precisely applied, one by one, to ensure
the uniqueness of the pattern and celebrate

the incomparable appearance of The Bow.

Rainbow Bow.webp
La Belle Époque on Ella.webp
La Belle Époque on Ella.webp

Handmade embroidery

The Bow miniature delicate embroidery requires

a jewelry-like precision. With carefulness 

and passionate dedication, our seamstresses

execute the dreamy patterns of our designs.

Orange Bow.webp

Highest quality


Only the best-selected materials become

the part of The Bow designs. Rich colors

of delicate silk, extravagant feathers, and
Swarovski decorations adorn The Bow,

answering the highest standards

of this remarkable accessory.

Orange Bow.webp
Purple Bows.webp

Every bow goes through quality control

True luxury means paying great attention from

the beginning of the process to its very end.

Before its release, every bow undergoes quality

control. Once approved, each bow gets

signed off by one of our supervising


More than an accessory...
Jewellery for your hair!

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