Luxury Hair Accessories at L'Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet's | The BOW by Ella Gorbo

Luxury Hair Accessories at L’Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s

The Bow is a brand that creates luxury hair accessories designed to be jewelry for your hair. Founded by Monaco-based designer Ella Gorbo, The Bow strives for nothing less than perfection, handmade with materials of the highest quality. The Bow itself is a patented silhouette that took years to develop, made with the finest silks and beautifully decorated with Swarovski crystals. The Bow presents a wide variety of luxury hair barrettes with different designs, from handmade embroidery showcasing the beauty of a Parisian garden to the dark brilliance of the Black Swan. The Bow hair clips come in multiple colours. For each colour, they can be plain for a simple look, decorated with white Swarovski crystals that add a diamond-like sparkle to the design or Swarovski crystals of the same colour as the bow to add a more subtle shine. The Bow even has an exquisite variety of ethereal white hair bows in their magnificent bridal collection, a perfect statement hair piece to elevate your look on one of your most special days. The bridal collection presents a sense of glamour that out-does itself. You can choose from the standard hair bow size or go all out with the grande hair bows that are adorned with mesmerising details such as different types of floral lace, Swarovski pearls and crystals, sequins and feathers. The variety in design is truly an example of beautiful artistry that is definitely something to be recognised.

The Bow is a luxury hair accessory of elegance and chic with the desired effect of making its wearer feel their most opulent self. Elegance is a method to show power. It is a mindset one conveys in all aspects of themselves, such as body language, speech and looks. It is not something one can just buy with money. This thought captivated Ella ever since she was a young girl; she took significant inspiration from actress and later princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. She was inspired by how effortless yet put together her entire persona was. With this inspiring idea and her skills in embroidery, Ella created a hair accessory that perfectly represents femininity and luxury, designed to elevate and complete a look, whether it be casual or formal.

83f047 ae3fa8ca158d4f6aa49ee4f454afba88~mv2 The BOW by Ella Gorbo | Unique couture and luxurious hair bows by Ella Gorbo

What better place to showcase the beauty of the bow than to exhibit it in one of the most luxurious places in Paris? Located just minutes away from Paris’s Arc de Triomphe and the famous champs Elysees, L’Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s is an establishment at the height of elegance and luxury. After a complete renovation in 2017, Le Fouquet’s is one of the leading hotels in the world. The hotel is carefully decorated with very subtle beige and golden tones, perfectly complemented by lots of natural daylight. The hotel is a bubble of relaxation and serenity, making sure its visitors are as comfortable as possible. One can find some of the wonderful variations of The Bow in the Legacy concept store, which resides in L’Hotel Barrier Le Fouquet’s. The store showcases a beautiful collection of art, clothing and other rare and unique pieces. Here one can find a selection of different hair barrettes from The Bow, all with a unique design.


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